With a fantastic start to the year for Spanish property on the whole, we are already drawing nearer and nearer to the peak of the summer season. With April in sight the temperature has already started to sky rocket up. We have already seen 20+ •C days and we are already being forced to take off our cardigans and blazers.

While reading the international papers, I came across a story which mentioned the Costa del Sol in the Washington Post. Incredibly, the United States are still selling and using sunscreen with ingredients that have not been revised for around a decade. Dermatologists and cancer-research groups quote that they are less effective than those sold all over Europe. An essential ingredient to enjoying your summer break is making sure you do not burn, and we trust in the products we buy from the shelf in stores and supermarkets. The article has racked up lots of comments from American consumers and makes for really interesting reading as it give unedited insight in to their opinions on the matter.

 This is an up to date guide to sunscreen: